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GAN Package Main Functions

GAN Package Details

There are three main functions from the EEG-GAN package:
  train_gan() - This trains a GAN
  visualize_gan() - This visualizes components of a trained GAN, such as the training losses
  generate_samples() - This generates synthetic samples using the trained GAN


Each function can take a single argument argv, which should be a dictionary:

  argv = dict(
   n_epochs = 100



You can use the help argument to see a list of possible arguments with a brief description:
  train_gan(dict(help = True))
  visualize_gan(dict(help = True))
  generate_samples(dict(help = True))

GAN Training Help   train_gan(dict(Help = True))

Visualize Help   visualize_gan(dict(Help = True))

Generate Samples Help   generate_samples(dict(Help = True))