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AutoRA Terminology

The following table includes naming conventions used throughout AutoRA.

Term Description Relevant Modules
State Object representing data from an experiment, like the conditions, observed experiment data and models. The State also includes rules on how to update those data if new data are provided using the "Delta mechanism". Core
Delta An object with new data that can be added to a State, returning a new State which includes the new data. Core
StandardState An optional default State that has the following fields: variables, conditions, experiment_data, models. Core
Variables A State field that holds experimental variables, which are defined according to name, type, units, allowed values, and range. Experimentalists, Experiment Runners, Theorists
VariableCollection Immutable metadata about dependent variables, independent variables, and covariates. Experimentalists, Experiment Runners, Theorists
Conditions A State field that defines what observations should be collected according to a specific combination of values of the independent variables Experimentalists, Experiment Runners, Theorists
Experiment Data A State field that holds specified conditions as well as the corresponding observations. Experiment Runners, Theorists
Model A State field that holds the the collection of best fit equations produced by theorists. Theorists, Experimentalists
Components The functions that can act on the State (e.g., experimentalists, experiment runners, theorists). Experimentalists, Experiment Runners, Theorists
Experimentalist A component that outputs new conditions, which are intended to yield novel observations. Experimentalists
Theorist A component that takes in the full collection of conditions and observations and outputs models that link the two. Theorists
Experiment Runner A component that takes in conditions and collects corresponding observations. Experiment Runners
Wrapper Special functions that make the components of AutoRA able to operate on State objects. Experimentalists, Experiment Runners, Theorists
Workflow A collection of tools that enable closed-loop empirical research with the AutoRA framework. Experimentalists, Experiment Runners, Theorists