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Uncertainty Experimentalist

The uncertainty experimentalist identifies experimental conditions \(\vec{x}' \in X'\) with respect model uncertainty. Within the uncertainty experimentalist, there are three methods to determine uncertainty:

Least Confident

\[ x^* = \text{argmax} \left( 1-P(\hat{y}|x) \right), \]

where \(\hat{y} = \text{argmax} P(y_i|x)\)


\[ x^* = \text{argmax} \left( P(\hat{y}_1|x) - P(\hat{y}_2|x) \right), \]

where \(\hat{y}_1\) and \(\hat{y}_2\) are the first and second most probable class labels under the model, respectively.


\[ x^* = \text{argmax} \left( - \sum P(y_i|x)\text{log} P(y_i|x) \right) \]

Example Code

from autora.experimentalist.uncertainty import uncertainty_sample
from sklearn.linear_model import LogisticRegression
import numpy as np

X = np.linspace(start=-3, stop=6, num=10).reshape(-1, 1)
y = (X**2).reshape(-1)
n = 5

lr_theorist = LogisticRegression(),y)

X_new = uncertainty_sample(X, lr_theorist, n, measure ="least_confident")