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Model Disagreement Experimentalist

The model disagreement experimentalist identifies experimental conditions \(\vec{x}' \in X'\) with respect to a pairwise distance metric between theorist models, \(P_{M_{i}}(\hat{y}, \vec{x}')\):

\[ \underset{\vec{x}'}{\arg\max}~(P_{M_{1}}(\hat{y}, \vec{x}') - P_{M_{2}}(\hat{y}, \vec{x}'))^2 \]

Example Code

from autora.experimentalist.model_disagreement import model_disagreement_sample
from import BMSRegressor; BMSRegressor()
from autora.theorist.darts import DARTSRegressor; DARTSRegressor()
import numpy as np

X = np.linspace(start=-3, stop=6, num=10).reshape(-1, 1)
y = (X**2).reshape(-1, 1)
n = 5

bms_theorist = BMSRegressor()
darts_theorist = DARTSRegressor(),y),y)

X_new = model_disagreement_sample(X, [bms_theorist, darts_theorist], n)